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Friday, March 1, 2013

Who should you believe? The conflicts of nuclear news.

With the massive amount of media coverage of Fukushima and the resulting radiation released this question begs an answer, WHO DO YOU BELIEVE ??


I guess it depends on the individual. 


Are you hard wired to distrust authority, do you think that the GOVERNMENT is some evil entity secretly plotting to dumb down the population with chem trails or fluoride in your drinking water? Do you believe that the sole purpose of online social media is data mining ? Are you a "glass half empty "kind of person ?


If so I suggest you follow the likes of Dr Helen Caldicott , Christopher Busby, Joseph Mangano or one of my favorites, Arnie Gundersen. They will tell you TALES OF TERROR that will have you hiding under your bed waiting for the inevitable PLUME of radiation to kill you or give your children horrible cancer. Here is a sampling of their takes on Fukushima. 

Are you hard wired to believe that the government is just a collection of people trying to do the almost impossible task of running a country, that things aren't perfect but it could always be worse. That those are just vapor trails and not some diabolical plot. Do you think fluoride might actually prevent tooth decay ? Do you trust the internet ? Are you a "glass half full" kind of person?


Is so I suggest you rely on the reports of those charged by the people to determine the actual consequences of Fukushima. The World Health Organization,  UNSCEAR,  The IAEA . Their task is information gathering and analysis then arriving at a conclusion.

As for the rest of you that fit somewhere in the middle of these two extremes I suggest you take a long, slow look at all the information. From THE END OF CIVILIZATION reports (this is an actual statement) to the ALL'S FINE, DON'T PANIC articles. Then make an informed opinion. Fukushima  has had an unbelievable impact on those directly affected by it and will continue to for the foreseeable future but the real tangible dangers lie somewhere in between the extremes. 


They always have.

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