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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The sad end of human empathy.

Today I read of an accident at Arkansas Nuclear One. A suspended load fell. People were hurt and a young man lost his life. This event will scar a family forever. This was a mothers son at the very least. As I write this I  have no details on his life history, I don't know if he had brothers or sisters. I don't know if he had started a family of his own. I am sure in the coming days all the tragic details will flood the news outlets and we will come to know this person better. Who he was and what his passing means to those closest to him. Some will attempt to use his death to sell their agendas while others will accept that accidents happen. Whatever you decide to take away from this horrible accident will be entirely up to you.

This is my take away on this.

I glanced at the comments of the news articles carrying this devestating story and what I saw turned my stomach. Remember what this news article was really about. The untimely death of a fellow human being.  Here is a smattering of the humanity shown.

Here is the link. It is a CNN report.

People die on the job all the time.

Children should be banned from sites like these. Shame on yo mama.

This story is not as important as the oil leak in Mayflower.

Its a conspiracy.

No risk to the public health and safety ?  Then why the news story.

Try as I might I couldn't read that in an Arkansas accent.

Mr Burns..Release the hounds.

Nuclear power is like Russian rulette ( their spelling).



Ban nukes. 

They're making moonshine in those big vats.

Arkansas and nuclear power don't sound right together.

Sounds like the Gorbechev press release after Chernobyl.

Was he murdered or did kim ung kum dump a vat of radioactive se men on him.

This goes on much further than I care to read.  The bulk of comments are petty arguing and stupid cheap shots that are meant to be funny or quick witted but simply come off as callous and cold.

This is not the first time I've seen this and sadly I doubt it will be the last.

This is not a nuclear versus non nuclear moment nor a reason to attack gas lines or corporations. This is about a mans death.

Is this what we have become ? A sick collection of souless monsters that revel in our own coldness and disregard for those we don't know personally ?

Imagine his family reading any of this garbage. Imagine if it was you. Don't be these people. Its not hard.

I feel so disgustingly filthy I think I need a shower.


  1. Well said, and this is worth repeating. Our society has become so callous it's mind numbing - that is, callous in outward action. But as soon as anything happens to one of us, or one of our own, we need all the help and support and freebies we can get! It's the new American way, I'm afraid. Anyway, thanks for posting this and getting this out ahead of the known-to-be-coming media blitz.

  2. Well said. May god be with families of the dead and injured.

    Have safe day..

  3. I concur, we have become very callous and mean-spirited on forums and other public venues. It is pretty disgusting when a person cannot make an intelligent discussion point without being verbally attacked by "people" who have nothing else better to do or think they can say or do anything they want because they can. People have lost the responsibility to society factor in their lives. As my wife puts it, they seem to think they have no limits on what they can say or how they say it. The Constitution gave us the right to Freedom to Speech but there was also a responsibility to not harm others that went with it. It referred to intelligent discourse of issues; not blatant or irrational or untrue attacks on people's characters. Sad commentary on our country.

  4. exactly where did you read those comments??

  5. And we think we are a progressive society? A progressive society values human life.