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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The humorous side of protests

Protesters have been around for ages. As long as at least one person feels that change is needed and people should listen to them we will have protests. At least once a day someone on the planet is trying to be heard by the public and the media. Some protests have changed the course of history while others have had no impact at all. Some I agree with , some I don't. Some seem ridiculous. Others are deadly serious.
Please don't feed the crazies
 Today I will focus on the stranger protesters and their signs. Whatever side you take you have to almost admire their ingenuity for getting press coverage.

this about sums it up
This is what makes protests great. The idea that even little ole you have a voice.Whether anyone is listening or even cares (In this case I couldn't care less, I just like the random sign) is another deeper subject for another blog post.
You have to wonder if he ever figured it out
Patriotism is something to be proud of,  so is an education.  Do everyone a favor, if you decide to protest in public PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE don't use spell check. If you do I wouldn't have anything to write about.
I hate ALL energy accidents
If you decide to put your message out their try to keep it to ONE subject. Mixing Nuclear and Gas  together might leave some wondering what you want. 
not this
When you decide to protest it might behoove you to pick a subject that already has a following. Otherwise you are just one strange guy with a sign.The people below figured it out.
yes this

RRR ARGHHH ERR UGHH Why aren't people taking us seriously mom?
Nuclear energy has its own special collection of protesters.They run the gamut from just weird to highly intelligent. My favorite Nuclear protester is Helen Caldicott (picture below).You know I couldn't resist. I will let you decide where she fits in the gamut. But Nuclear isn't alone when it comes to opponents. Coal, Wind, Solar, Biomass,Cow Farts, Hamsters on wheels, Hydro and every other energy source you can think of has its detractors. I guess you cant please everybody.
Now this woman knows how to scare people
I'm not sure why she has this sign but i hope she gets what she wants
 These next protesters have the right idea. Have some fun in life.
So all I can say is fight the good fight, if you have something to say,say it loudly. Wave a sign, make a fool out of your self if you choose, chant, march and be heard.  Just don't let your passion become all that you are in life.

And whatever you do, whether its protesting in the streets or writing your congressperson  NEVER forget this last sign.

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