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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nuclear fear mongers never die. They just decay into obscurity.

There was a time just over three years ago when I couldn't turn on the TV or Internet without hearing the names Helen Caldicott, Christopher Busby , Michu Kaku , Joseph Mangano , Loren Moret , Arnie Gundersen and a collection of other so called "nuclear experts" expounding on the Armageddon of Fukushima. They dazzled us with their profound knowledge of the "facts" and they baffled us with the terror of death and destruction. They were THE voice of fear. They were THE voice that most loved to hear as they echoed our inner distrust of the MACHINE , the corporate shills and the lackeys that promoted the horror of nuclear energy. They jumped on their soap boxes and fed on our fears as they raked in the adoration of their ilk and promoted their books all while smirking at their fifteen minutes of fame. Some actually accepted debate , caldicott comes to mind in her frantic hand waving attempt to challenge Monbiot while the others refused flatly. Others attempted to hold on to their fading fame by selling fake "supplements" to Japanese people under the guise of humanity all while padding their bank accounts. Others published papers on the 14,000 deaths of American children due to Fukushima(Mangano ). The rest have faded into conspiracy sites and the never ending you tube collection of junk videos. So remember this. The next time any industrial accident happens whether nuclear , coal , hydro or any type at all the NEWS will always shove fear mongers in your face. This is what sells. This is what they think you want. They may be right. Are they experts ? I doubt it. Are they biased ? Of course they are. Is their opinion fact ? Rarely. Just as Fukushima has faded in the media so have the careers of these snake charmers. When we were children we hid under our blankets after hearing the scary stories we all enjoy. We reveled in the fear. We knew in the back of our minds that it would be ok. Then we turned on the lights and conquered the demons in our minds. The lights are on now. The demon of Fukushima has been seen in the cold light of day. And those who stoked our fears have been banished to the darkness of obscurity. Never to be seen again.

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  1. Very well writ article, only the communities of Vernon VT and Indian Point NY and many others might have severe disagreements in just obscure the effects of antis are -- and continuing to be.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY