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Monday, November 26, 2012

First British nuclear licence in 25 yrs

First British nuclear licence in 25 yrs.

 Despite the massive influx of anti nuclear sentiment and protests by organizations like Stop new nuclear uk and the near hysterical ramblings of anti nuclear activist Helen Caldicott or the self serving,self promoting antics of Chris Busby and Arnie Gundersen  Britain has issued its first nuclear license in 25 years.  This to me illustrates that the world may see all the protests, we may read of those chained to each other on the roads of nuclear plants, we may watch all the fear filled media circus reports spouting NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON  at the drop of a hat but in reality most understand that nuclear energy has been quietly supporting our ever increasing need for power. I applaud Britain in its wise decision to continue its relationship with nuclear energy.

For the original report without my opinion click the link below and as always GO NUCLEAR ENERGY!!


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  1. Great news but let's not rest on our laurels. There is enormous work to be done in educating the public to the virtues of nuclear energy and dispelling the wild exaggerations of its overrated menace even in worst case chances as Fukushima. Sorry to sound non-PC about it, but the FUD gushed by Arnie and Helen must be CRUSHED by aggressive nuclear education PSAs and Carl Sagan-class nuclear representation at all nuclear townhall forums. The anti-nukes aren't going to rest with their hysterical lies and neither can we. The environment and our children depend on it.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY