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Friday, December 28, 2012

Japan to Reconsider Nuclear Phase Out

Japan to Reconsider Nuclear Phase Out 

 Who didn't see this coming, Japan has been relying on Nuclear energy for decades and never had any intention of phasing it out. They were on course to increase the nuclear output when Fukushima happened. To let one accident sway the energy plan of an entire country makes little sense and the powers that are now in control understand that. Increase oversight,learn the lessons needed and restart the reactors.

TOKYO—Japan's new trade and industry minister said the government will consider scrapping a plan to phase out nuclear power by 2040—a promise made by the previous administration—and could reopen nuclear plants that pass stringent safety tests and consider allowing 40-year-old plants to remain open.
The move represents a shift from the stance taken by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party during its campaign for the lower house election, in which the pro-business LDP called for creating "a society that doesn't depend on nuclear power." But the country's recent sharp economic slowdown, and the need to dispel concerns about energy shortages before next summer's upper house election, have led the LDP to become more vocal about the need for nuclear power, despite strong public resistance following last year's nuclear accident.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last 24 hours have 'killed' French nuclear -

2-Enel pulls out from French EPR nuclear project. Last 24 hours have 'killed' French nuclear - analyst.

This is not good news for European Pressurized  Reactor being built in Flamanville but don't let this over the top headline (which are so prevalent in the media when discussing nuclear) bother you too much. French nuclear energy will continue without ENEL. 

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